Hi! I'm Fil Zembowicz.

I'm interested in a great many things: product design, chemistry, networks, math, programming, and how people in different cultures interact with the world around them. I believe that over-specialization should be avoided as much as possible, and I try to learn from as many perspectives as possible. I'm happiest making things that make things, especially tools that help us communicate or assist in understanding the complicated relationships between the forces that shape our world.



Started Formsort

Building Formsort, a platform for forms, onboardings, and more, so that everyone can use the best principles in form design without having to reinvent the wheel.


Taking sabbatical

Traveling, thinking, and tinkering.


Started Better Mortgage

At Better Mortgage, I was head of product. I built the technology foundation for a mortgage bank platform for consumers, bank staff, and investors, in a highly regulated and operationally-complicated field. As a founding team member, I was involved in everything from fundraising to fixing bugs.


Joined Google

As PM of the Docs document editor, commenting, and shared infrastructure, I led a team making one of the most complicated JavaScript applications useful and usable. I was simultaneously PM of the Google Fonts team.

On the Maps team, as an APM, I rebuilt the business reviewing experience and developed tools to reduce spam.


Moved to NYC

After graduation, the diversity of thought and activity in New York was particularly appealing.


Enrolled at Harvard

I studied chemistry and computer science at Harvard. I was involved in teaching computer science, biology research, and digital projects ranging from neurology to political science.


Moved to USA


Born in Poland

this site

I made this site using a custom nuxt.js implementation, hosted on Linode.


Email me at fil@ the domain of this site, @fzembow on twitter, or on LinkedIn.